Below is a list of recommended Clean Up/Restoration Companies.  Please read the following recommendations on starting the clean up process:

  1. It is OK to start the clean up process before an adjuster gets to your property if it will prevent further damage or stop mold from forming
  2. Document Everything and take pictures Before clean up
  3. DO NOT throw anything out, everything will need to be looked at by the adjuster
  4. Find a place outside to put all trash that won’t be taken away until the adjuster says it is ok to get rid of
  5. You can call any of the legitimate restoration companies to begin the clean up before an adjuster is there – Just double check that they will document as much as possible and you should still document everything.

Adams Technical Maintenance 800-377-6623

All Risk Insurance Damage 856-337-6128 24hrs

AllStates Services 800-379-6694    –  732-956-3900

Arsi Cleanup 800-792-8625

Empire Restoration Services 800-889-1870  (Middlesex, Monmouth & Ocean Counties)

First Clean 800-309-3881

Flex Restoration 877-858-3539

Gemini Restoration 877-774-3646

IRS 800-634-0261

K & S Restoration 800-841-3616   (All NJ & Part of PA)

Mark 1 Restoration 800-243-4733

Maxon’s Restoration 973-338-6767    (Does North Jersey)

Mammoth Restoration 888-671-7976  (Does Not Do North Jersey)

Rapid Recovery Services 866-505-5600  (Works with AIG Ins. Co)

Paul Davis Restoration 888-473-7669

Remediation Specialists 800-395-8368

ServiceMaster 732-292-4550

ServPro Manahawkin 609-549-0379

ServPro 800-737-8776 (all over)

Start 2 Finish 856-297-4252   (All of NJ & Part of PA)

Stretch’s Cleaning Service 609-361-240

Woods Restoration 800-385-2122

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