If you have insurance with us, we will be taking care of following up on your claims.  If you also have Flood Insurance with us, that notifies FEMA when we submit the claim. If you do not have flood insurance and you have the means to do so, you may want to try these sites for more information and Applying for Disaster Assistance. DisasterAssistance.gov – Federal Disaster Help and Resources: Find Assistance, Apply for Assistance, Check Application for Assistance FEMA Hurricane Sandy Site – Updated Federal Government Information,  Information on the Application Process
Below is a list of many Clean Up and Restoration companies our insurance companies deal with should you need to contact one of the for Storm recovery: All Risk Insurance Damage                                                       856-337-6128 24hrs Arsi Cleanup                                                                            800-792-8625 Empire Restoration Services   (Middlesex, Monmouth & Ocean Counties)     800-889-1870 First Clean                                                                                877-333-9525 Flex Restoration                                                                       877-858-3539 Gemini Restoration     (North Jersey Only)                 888-443-6469 IRS                                                                                          800-634-0261 K & S Restoration     (All NJ & Part of PA)                 800-841-3616 Mark 1 Restoration                                                                   800-243-4733 Maxon’s Restoration       (Does North Jersey)             973-338-6767 Paul Davis Restoration                                                              888-473-7669 Puroclean         (Does Not Do North Jersey)                 800-749-9984 Rapid Recovery Services  (Works with AIG Ins. Co)        866-505-5600 Remediation Specialists                                                            800-395-8368 ServiceMaster                                                                           732-292-4550 ServPro Manahawkin                                                                609-549-0379 ServPro                                                                                    800-737-8776 (all over) Start 2 Finish    (All of NJ & Part of PA)                          856-297-4252 Stretch’s Cleaning Service                                                        609-361-2400 Woods Restoration                                                                    800-385-2122
All of our locations are back up and fully staffed after the storm.

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