Crews work on the beach in Brant Beach in spring of 2012.


This coming September, LBI will be a part of a Beach Replenishment project that will fortify the beaches on the Island that were not fortified after SuperStorm Sandy.

This is good news, as the beach areas that were fortified before the storm fared much better than those that were not. For this reason, these projects are scheduled all up and down the Jersey Shore this year. The history of these projects is certainly full of controversy, along with lawsuits, town meetings, etc. But after we saw the benefits of a replenished beach, there has not been as much resistance to these projects.

There was some concern that this project would begin earlier, and would be going on throughout the busy Summer Season. After a down Summer last Season in the wake of Sandy, the concern was that this would cause another year of declining tourism revenue.

Rentals so far are ahead of the pace of the beginning of 2012, before the storm. That, coupled with the news of the replenishment project starting in Sept., should make for a great Summer of 2014!