Sales Market for Long Beach Island Real Estate

What is the sales market like for Long Beach Island Homes?

Will prices bottom out again?

How do I know I am not overpaying?

Is there mortgage money available?

All factors indicate this may be the best time to buy the LBI dream home you’ve been thinking about for so long. Just like the rest of the country, from 2006 to 2011 we saw a decline in prices for homes in every price range from high end waterfronts to the simple vacation bungalow in the middle of the block. Th

The good news – as prices adjust, more buyers are able to realize their dream of owning a vacation home on Long Beach Island. Search Long Beach Island Homes Here

Will the prices go back down again? All indications are that prices will increase at normal rates.  The average sold price of a single family home in 2012 was about equal to the sale price of 2011 and has been increasing since. The big difference is the number of homes selling this year. While waterfront homes are selling at close to the same rate, non-waterfront home sales are up 35%! Now is the time for savvy buyers to take advantage of the current sales market conditions.

How do I know I am not overpaying? When you find the right property, we will provide you with the “SOLD” data on comparable homes and show you how to determine the fair market value to determine an offer to purchase price that makes sense to you. Investment conscious buyers know that a Long Beach Island home purchase is a wise decision. Inventory is still plentiful; don’t miss this opportunity.

Is there mortgage money available? There is plenty of mortgage money available for those purchasers with a steady job and good credit. Our mortgage company works with a number of lenders with a variety of mortgage packages and can find the right one for you. This is a great time to realize your dream of an LBI vacation home. Prices are down, selection is plentiful, mortgage money is available and interest rates are low. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to Call us at (800) 222-0131.

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Last Updated on November 22, 2022