Church Insurance

Van Dyk Group specializes in Church Insurance with Customized protection plans that are right for your ministry.  Rick Winkler, a Senior Account Executive, specializes in this area for our firm.  He knows the specific needs of churches. Since he is also a Pastor, his goal is to ensure that you have best protection for your ministry while providing a competitive financial advantage.

As an independent insurance agency we are not locked in to any single insurance carrier. We currently, represent five insurance carriers that specialize in this area which gives us a competitive advantage.

We provide services that include:


  • Complete review of all your exposures
  • Building valuation
  • Fleet safety assistance
  • Employee background screening at a discounted rate
  • Employee education and training on Sexual Abuse & Molestation exposures (required by insurance carriers)
  • Policy development (required by insurance carriers)
  • Customized protection plans that fit your ministry

Specific Coverage needs for Church ministries include:

  • Abuse and Molestation
  • Personal religious counseling
  • Pastoral Professional
  • Religious directors and officers
  • Crisis response
  • Key employee replacement
  • School board legal liability

General Coverages includes:

  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Automobile
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella

References furnished upon request.

Please contact Rick Winkler at (609) 698-6900 ext.204.

You may also contact him on his cell phone at (973) 525-2248.

We look forward to hearing from you.