Garden State Land Surveyors Alliance, Inc. Insurance Program

The Garden State Land Surveyors Alliance, Inc (GSLSA) Insurance program offers you and your organization a comprehensive package to secure your insurable interests, while offering an exclusive pricing structure and protection to meet your specific needs.

Property Coverage – Our package includes Business Personal Property, Loss of Income, Property Off-Premises (surveying equipment), Computer equipment, Valuable papers, Employee dishonesty, etc. at specially discounted rates for GSLSA Members.

Your General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Automobile coverage will be classified appropriately, rather than as an Architect or Engineer, at the exclusive pricing structure.  Also, the General Liability will not be audited at the end of the year (as most insurers do).  Increasing your survey staff will not create additional general liability premium at the end of the year, a real bonus to GSLSA members!

The Professional Liability Coverage Form for GSLSA Program members is broad to include variuos types of operations and can include architect & engineers’ professional liability where applicable (rated seperately).  The policy will provide a prior acts endorsement (if coverage is already in force), lower minimum premium and various deductibles to meet your individual needs.

The above is just the beginning of what this Program can offer to you and your organization.  Also available to you are optional coverage packages, seminars, safety plans & classes and Risk Management programs.  In order to receive all of the benefits, you are required to be a member of the Garden State Land Surveyors Alliance Inc.

For Further details contact Peter Papa at

(800) 436-1663 ext 412