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Risk Management

Risk Management Services

Risk Management is the field of minimizing the risk of financial loss. It consists primarily of three (3) basic methods: risk identification, risk analysis and risk monitoring & remediation. Risk management applies to the operational, human resource and financial assets of any personal or business nature. When done correctly, risk management presents these three (3) choices:

  1. Risk Avoidance : eliminate the risk by ceasing exposure to the risk
  2. Self-Insurance : continuing the risk of exposure and accepting/absorbing the potential consequences of financial loss
  3. Transfer Risk : transfering the risk to another who can afford to pay for the financial loss (insurance).

The Van Dyk Group can provide various Risk Management Services for a fee. The foundation block to our Risk Management Services is a Risk Analysis Survey (RAS) which utilizes the three (3) basic methods above and is presented to our clients in an extensive written report containing:

  • Executive Summary : overview of client’s current insurance portfolio
  • Schedule of Coverage : structured detail of each policy within client’s current insurance program
  • Review of Scope & Intent of Coverage : detailed explanation of current insurance coverage terms & conditions.
  • Optional Enhancements : recommendations of optional/alternative insurance & risk management methods that address identifiable risk exposures.
  • Building Valuation Guide : photographic and cost construction estimation when real property is at risk.
  • Risk Analysis Survey (RAS) : extensive risk management questionnaire containing salient identified risk exposures.

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