The amount of mis-information circulating LBI in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy is
mind boggling! We know it is important to be well informed so we hope the following documented
information will help you in planning your next visit to beautiful Long Beach Island.

FICTION: There are no grocery stores opening for the summer on LBI.
FACT: Both Wawa’s, 7-11 in Ship Bottom & the ACME are open NOW! Murphy’s is scheduled
to open in mid-May.

FICTION: The bay is polluted with debris (houses, cars, boats, sheds, hot tubs, etc.) and there
will be no fishing, sailing, kayaking, this summer
FACT: The bay waters along LBI did not sustain nearly the amount of pollution from such
items as our neighbors to the north. Of course there was some but clean-up is well underway
and even the clam beds have been given the green light for harvesting.

FICTION: There will be little or no beach access and the beaches are also full of debris.
FACT: Beach clean-up and grooming began in November and has been ongoing. The local
mayors assure us the beaches will be fully guarded and good to go by opening day.

FICTION: Only a handful of restaurants are opening. It will be impossible to get into any of
FACT: Most of the restaurants that are normally open in the winter are open now. Many more
are scheduled to open this month. Space actually prohibits listing all of them but more than
likely your favorite will be ready for you when you arrive.

FICTION:Fantasy Island was wiped out; the Ferris wheel is in the bay.
FACT: No no no! That was the roller coaster in the ocean in Seaside Heights. Fantasy Island
is alive and well and the arcade is open on weekends now. The rides are just fine and will open
on schedule.

FICTION: So many businesses were wiped out, there won’t be anything to do.
FACT: There are 1/2 dozen stores in Bay Village open weekends now; the rest will follow as
we get closer to the season. Schooner’s Wharf sits high and was not affected. The Surflight
Theater has their summer program set. Beach Haven has scheduled their concerts in the park
series. Ice Cream, pizza and shopping will be plentiful!

Hopefully this dispels some rumors and makes you feel
better about planning your stay on LBI. If you have specific
questions about your favorite spots, give us a call.
We’ll be glad to speak with you and answer whatever concerns
you may have.

See you on the beach!