1. How long is the rental season?
  2. Are they rentals weekly, monthly or for the season?
  3. How do tenants find out about my property?
  4. beach-chair-iStock_000038495490_SmallAre the tenants screened?
  5. Who checks my home in between tenants?
  6. Can I keep some weeks for myself, friends or family?
  7. Can I rent weeks myself?
  8. Who handles repairs?
  9. What is your commission and who pays it?
  10. What about utilities?
  11. What do I need to supply for the tenants?
  12. Should I allow pets?
  13. What about a security deposit?
  14. Will my rental property be “multiple listed”?
  15. How do I get in touch with you?


                  1.    How long is the rental season?

Although the season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, on Long Beach Island, July and August are the peak rental months. Typically starting after the 4th of July until Labor Day.  Some summers are only 8 weeks long and others are 10 depending on where the 4th of July falls and the date of Labor Day.

                  2.    Are they rentals weekly, monthly or for the season?

The majority of tenants chose to come for one week however we have quite a few tenants that also request multiple weeks or want to rent for the entire season. Many owners offer multi-week discounts and seasonal discount rates.

                  3.    How do tenants find out about my property?

  • Our Rental Website
  • Walk-Ins
  • Calls off our prominent rental signs on your property
  • Repeat tenants
  • Referrals from other tenants


                  4.    Are the tenants screened?

Our agents speak directly with each and every tenant, explaining the regulations pertinent to your property.

                  5.    Who checks my home in between tenants?

If you cannot be here between tenants, it is best to designate someone such as a trusted neighbor, cleaning crew or property manager to check your home.

                  6.    Can I keep some weeks for myself, friends or family?

Absolutely! This is your home and ever with a rental contract, you are free to reserve whatever weeks you wish prior to us securing a lease from a tenant. The sooner you know the weeks you would like to reserve the better. Also call in reserved weeks to your rental agent or rental manager. This avoids awkward situations and double booked properties.

                  7.    Can I rent weeks myself?

Yes,  Communication is key to avoiding double bookings. Please call us as soon as you’ve booked a week so we can close that week in our rental system. Our agents will contact you upon every lease they have booked in your home as well.

                  8.    Who handles repairs?

We will ask you to provide us a list of any preferred appliance repair, handymen, cleaning companies, plumbers, electrical services, etc. that you use.   When a “help-call” from a tenant comes in, an experienced agent will take down the information and contact you before any work gets done to your property. In the case of a true emergency—we will use our best judgement in order to protect your home. It is very important that we have the most up-to-date contact information for you so we can reach you during the busy rental season.

                  9.    What is your commission and who pays it?

Our commission is 10% and it is paid from the rental checks we receive from the tenants.

                  10.    What about utilities?

The owner is responsible for the cost of all utilities including propane tanks if you provide a gas grill. If the propane should run out during the rental week, the tenant will fill up the tank and bring the receipt to us for reimbursement from your queue.

                  11.    What do I need to supply for the tenants?

We provide you with a full and complete list of everything that you should be in the rental unit. You can also find it our helpful, Homeowners Website.

                  12.    Should I allow pets?

This is a personal decision. Although pet-friendly properties are always in demand due to low inventory of them, it is completely up to you. We make sure that “pet-friendly” properties are clearly displayed to avoid renting to anyone that may have an allergy.

                  13.    What about a security deposit?

We recommend a security deposit for all of our rentals. The amount coincides with the rental price and we can guild you with that. Typically the security deposit ranges from $500-$2000. Rarely is there ever a reason to hold security but we allow the owner 3 days from the date of “check out” to notify us if there is an issue.

Additionally, if you choose to allow pets there are also pet fees (non-refundable) and pet deposits (refundable) that can be added to the lease. Your agent will discuss these with you and the amounts for your home.

                  14.    Will my rental property be “multiple listed”?

Not in the same sense that a sale property is. You are free to list your home with more than one agency but we aks you keep the number of other brokers to a minimum in order to avoid potential of double bookings.

                  15.    How do I get in touch with you?

We are available 24/7 via phone (leave a message after regular business hours), email or fax. Someone will always get back to you. Our website is set up for you to log in with your personal password to view or reserve weeks in your property at any time of the day or night.