Auto Insurance Savings for Seniors and Mature Adults

Most auto insurance companies provide a mature drivers discount. Drivers entering their fifties in many cases will see some decrease in their auto insurance rates.

Make sure your current insurance agent checks these senior auto discounts for you. If you are shopping for Auto Insurance with The Van Dyk Group, these discounts will be automatically provided in your quoted rate.

Most companies will ask for your age when applying for a quote in person or online, but it never hurts to remind an agent that you may be eligible for a mature driver discount. Most of the auto insurance companies we represent including MetLife Auto, Travelers, Selective Insurance and others provide very competitive rates for senior drivers.

There are also many defensive driving courses now available to mature drivers that could help reduce the amount you pay for your insurance. Please check with us and we will let you know if your current Auto Insurance Carrier offers a discount before signing up for the class.

The mature driving courses are available through local and state agencies as well as many local AARP chapters. You can also visit the web site of the National Safety Council at for more information.

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