WelcomeAs we have just come out of our busiest rental check-in weekend to date, and they will only get busier with each passing week, here are some tips for renters for when you get to their rental house.

It may be a little warm, but give it time and it will cool off – Most tenants will turn the air conditioning off when they check out.  If not, many times the cleaning people will.  No need to panic, simply turn the air on and wait for it to cool of.  Be sure and keep the doors closed while the air is running.  It will not cool off right away, but give it a little time, and it should cool down.  One thing to make sure of, is that you close all of the doors to the outside.  Whether it’s a sliding door to a deck, or keeping the door open to bring in all of your stuff, close the door.  This will delay the cool down.

Do not adjust the refrigerator settings –  This is one  of the biggest minor problem that we run into, and it really can be avoided.  When you adjust the settings on the refrigerator, it messes up the whole system by taking the colder air from one compartment and moving it to the other.  So if you turn up the settings on the freezer, it will compensate by channeling the colder air from the refrigerator compartment, making the freezer colder, but not keeping the fridge cool enough.  The big problem with this is that to correct the problem you have to unplug the unit and let it reset, which can take up to 24 hours to correct.  So don’t adjust the settings to avoid having a broken fridge on your first day of vacation.

Take a look around and make sure nothing is broken – It is very important that you let us know if anything is broken, missing, or not working properly.  If you do not, and something is broken, the owner will think that you did it, and will look to hold some, if not all, of your security deposit.  I know its exciting to finally be down and in your rental house, but taking the extra couple of minutes to check on things can save money and aggravation if the owner wants your security deposit held.

Check the garbage schedule and don’t wait until the end of the week to put it to the curb – If you wait until you are ready to leave to put all of your garbage out to the curb, the trash cans are full because you waited, there will not be any room for the tenant who is checking in after you.  While that may not matter to you when you are leaving, think about if you had checked in and find there is no room for your garbage because the tenant before you filled them up before they left.  Garbage pick up schedules are in most units, plus we give out the schedules when you pick up keys.  Also, make sure you put the lids on the garbage cans.  If not, sea gulls will get into the bags and there will garbage all over the street.  The Townships will actually fine the owners if this happens, and the owners will in turn take that fine out of your security deposit.

No one wants to deal with issues when they first arrive, or the first days of vacation.  These simple tips can help to get your vacation off to the right start.