Coastal Homeowners Insurance

Are you having difficulty finding coastal homeowners insurance?

Is your coastal homeowner policy being cancelled?

Why is it so hard to find coastal home insurance?

These are common questions that consumers who own New Jersey coastal homes are asking….and we have the answers.

There are major insurance companies in New Jersey that are cancelling and non renewing coastal New Jersey homeowners policies.  These decisions are based on recent storms such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and the threat of increased flooding issues due to the impact of these storms.  These insurance companies have a large exposure on the New Jersey coastline, and they are hoping to minimize it before it’s too late.

Van Dyk Group specializes in New Jersey coastal homeowners insurance and flood insurance.  We have several “A” rated carriers that offer coastal homeowners insurance at competitive rates as well as a knowledgeable sales staff that meet all of your insurance needs.

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