Identity Theft / Fraud Expense Coverage

Identity theft is fraudulent use of your identity by a third party. In this day and age almost anything can be obtained online without any verification. In order to protect yourself, you can purchase the limits of liability for any one identity theft loss of $25,000, for an approximate annual premium of $25.00, with no deductible.  Identity theft coverage is an add-on coverage to you homeowners policy.

It would cover large expenses for such things as:

  • Notary and Certified Mailing costs for completing and delivering fraud affadavits.
  • Loan re-application fees for re-applying for loans which were declined due to erroneous credit information that reflected the fraud.
  • Phone charges for calling merchants, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to discuss the fraud.
  • Attorney’s fees incurred for defending suits brought on incorrectly by merchants and their collection agencies.
  • Removing criminal or civil judgements wrongly entered against the victim and challenging information in a credit report.

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